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Wicken Workshop represents the woodwork, carpentry, marine related services and various items for sale offered by me, Mike. Having been around woodworking tools and the water since childhood, and being a keen hobbyist for decades, these two interests have now combined to form a range of items and carpentry services for the home and marine environments. Some of the items featured at this site are purely decorative pieces, abstract whimsies emphasising the natural aspects of a piece of wood, its tactile appeal or curious shape. Other items are primarily utilitarian and intended to offer a handmade but affordable alternative to assembly line produced items. Some pieces featured are just examples of work that can be customised in size, finish and timber and are made to order. Although practicality may be a dictating factor in the choice of materials for much of the work at this site I also have a great respect for the traditional crafts and hope that some of this may be reflected in the abstract pieces featuring cuts of natural timbers.

Where does the word wicken come from in the name? Read more about the wicken-tree, Rowan or Mountain Ash

It is also intended that the website will feature some simple 'how-to' guides and plans so that visitors can construct similar items themselves. The first pieces will be box designs aimed at the novice armed only with basic tools such as a saw, hammer, wheelbrace and screwdriver.

I'm hoping to attend a number of makers' markets and craft fairs during 2019 in addition to more regular sales, details of which I'll try to post in the notebook section of the site.

CARPENTRY AND JOINERY SERVICES : Handcrafted items for the home, garden and boat. From budget rustic to fine finished hardwood pieces.

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