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Affordable woodwork including rustic garden planters and homeware, custom hardwood shelves, seats and more, the 'Shop' section will feature handmade items constructed from a variety of softwood and hardwood timbers. From rough sawn softwood everyday primitive work to solid ash, beech, oak, iroko, walnut and other finely finished hardwood pieces, from small gifts to large items for a specific purpose, from stock items to one off designs, from utilitarian to decorative, it will include items for the home, garden, boat, caravan or other small space.

In addition to new pieces, visitors will also find a selection of refurbished and repurposed wooden items for sale. Breathing new life into old and generally unloved timber, a box may become a spice rack, chair parts morph into a plant stand or a tool chest turn into a table. Each piece is unique and often inspired by the original donor parts. Given a new purpose and a clean finish, timbers that may have been consigned to the fire find a fresh role.

Some non-wooden items, both new and used, will also feature in the 'Shop' section. The selection should ultimately include small home and marine related everyday items such as books, bags and cups in addition to specific secondhand boat bits. In the 'Vintage Tools' section the woodwork enthusiast or tool collector will find information on vintage woodworking and engineering hand tools plus access to the list of vintage tools for sale, some in need of attention or for display and some having been lightly restored and ready for use, all at affordable prices compared to their modern couterparts.

WOODWORKING, CARPENTRY AND JOINERY SERVICES : Handcrafted items for the home, garden and boat. From budget rustic to fine finished hardwood pieces.

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