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Services Rates & Availability

Availability and costs will mainly depend on existing commitments, nature, materials, duration and location of any required work. Work that is to be completed from a distance as a custom option of an existing design or as a bespoke piece will have a planned start and completion date. Lead time for commencement of work on accepted custom orders should be no more than 14 days from request for initial/full payment.

For onsite and third party workshop use, a travel surcharge will apply to each visit based on distance. Work requiring substantial periods of onsite activity may take longer to arrange although it may well be possible to accommodate the odd hour or day's work near to base without too much notice.

General Woodwork, Marine Labour, Misc.

Typical full rate : 1st hour from £TBC / Half day from £TBC / Standard day from £TBC / Extended day from £TBC
(excluding cost of materials and any distance surcharge)

How long is a day?

1st hour is the first hour of work. Actual time may be slightly more according to any required break from task in hand.
Half day. Typically 3.5hrs work in an approximate 4hr period (eg: 8.30-12.30 or 1.30-5.30)
Standard day. Typically 6.5hrs work in an approximate 8hr period (eg: 9-5)
Extended day. Typically 8.5hrs work in an approximate 10.5hr period (eg: 8-6.30)
Standard week. Typically 5 standard days, Mon-Fri.
Weekend hours by arrangement

For current availability please get in touch with approx location and basic details of the required work


- Handmade softwood and solid hardwood pieces for the house, garden and boat.
- Light carpentry and bespoke joinery services. Custom commissions, design and build.
- New, reclaimed, renovated, refurbished and repurposed items.
- Marine work, boat maintenance, dock & fitout assistance. Timber & GRP fabrications and repairs.
- Vintage hand tools, boat bits, canal ware and more.

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