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Good tools last a lifetime, or to be more accurate they should last more than a lifetime, and it isn't uncommon to see hand tools that are a hundred years old or more still in use today. For the traditional woodworking enthusiast and tool collector alike, it is an affordable hobby as many smaller tools can be picked up online, at car-boots and fairs for just a few pounds each, often requiring only light renovation to give them years more life of service. Many tools for which there is little practical requirement today still make interesting pieces for the collector, each tool's aged patina telling a unique story. Wooden moulding planes may no longer be needed but make great decorative items instead of being discarded. And if/when the electricity fails they may be needed again some day! Some types of tools will still be required for everyday use in the cabinet maker or joiner's workshop. Some may only be needed by the woodland and greenwood worker whilst some will still be found in most modern homes. Often, the hobbyist or craftsperson prefers a tool that predates them, perhaps having sentimental value. Quite simply, if they are ground/sharpened/set/renovated, old chisels, axes, blades, planes, saws, braces and other tools will be very often of a higher standard than a new equivalent. Why buy a cheap new tool when with a little effort a vintage one will do a better job, be good for the environment and can be just as affordable?

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Vintage woodworking hand tools

Vintage hand tools

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