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Shop > Softwood Budget Rustic Planters - Medium
Home, Garden, Boat, Caravan

Made from rough cut softwood (approx 22mm thick) and with nailed construction, these budget planters are available either untreated or in a variety of finishes. Each planter is approx two feet long and 6" wide x 5" deep internally giving a capacity of approx 9 litres. Two chunky feet and drilled holes to the base assist drainage in the standard planter although various options are available according to intended use. The planter is unsanded with slight chamfer to longer edges. Actual size of finished item varies slightly as timbers are of inconsistent thickness. Planters may retain splinters and rough edges. Lifespan will depend on environment and future treatment. Planters are constructed from machine cut planks, chamfered and assembled by hand. Rough and irregular edges are an inherent feature of these planters as are gaps, marks and knots.

Medium planter and primroses

Medium planter treated with regular woodstain and planted with primroses and hyancinths

Prices - please see Price List A

Untreated standard planter (Stock A3B4/A)
Standard planter treated with regular woodstain (one coat) (Stock A3B4/B)
Standard planter finished with premium stain, varnish or gloss paint, no feet, non-standard feet, no holes etc (Custom A3B4)
Double width option untreated / treated with regular woodstain (Custom A3B4)

Closeup of okanter rutic timber

Closeup of untreated medium rustic planter

All items subject to availability. Listed prices exclude delivery and any applicable taxes and are subject to confirmation at time of order. Errors and omissions excepted.

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